Pet Safe Fungicide

Greetings. My bermudagrass lawn is suffering from brown patch. I have 3 small dogs that run free in the yard and i would like to know if your liquid fungicide item # 953329 is effective against brown patch and pet safe? Thank you.

First, all our lawn fungicides are pet safe when used properly. Take the time to watch our “concentrate safety video” which you can find on our product safety video page. The first video near the top of the page discusses how to properly store, handle and apply any concentrate we carry. You should find all the answers to your questions in this presentation including discussion on how to treat where pets will be active. If you are still concerned or have more questions, give us a call.

And product 953329, which is liquid daconil, will work on brown patch. If you have a small area to treat, this should handle the job fine. If you have a large lawn, consider one of the larger sizes as this will prove to be most economical in the long run.

Additionally, be sure your soil ph is in balance before beginning any treatment routine. As explained in our soil ph control article, this is a huge problem that many people don’t know even exists. One of the most common variables that will lead to lawn fungus is a soil ph that is low. Once you are sure you’re ph is ok, then you can proceed with treatments knowing full well your effort will provide good results.