How Long Do Wasps Live?

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Mud dauber wasps. basic information mud dauber Elimination Bites and Stings . Mud Daubers are Sphecid wasps that are solitary, not social as are honey bees, yellowjackets.These solitary wasps capture prey (spiders, bugs, other insects) which are placed into an individual cell.A mud dauber does not construct cells or nests from paper (salivary solution and wood pulp) as do yellowjackets …

How then do these tiny wasps that only live for a few days manage to perform their amazing task of finding and pollinating flowers that are hidden inside the fig?

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Don’t swat the wasps what ever you do. They release a chemical that alerts the others to danger and can lead to a swarm. I didn’t figure this out until this year when they just got worse the harder I tried.

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The European wasp is an aggressive stinging insect. European wasps are bright yellow and have a black banded abdomen, and a pair of black spots on each yellow band.

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