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Our lawn was fertilized about 30 days ago to treat weeds, fungus prior to the spring. However, our lawn is having a hard time getting green and we have a few brown, dead spots. We water each day at least 10 mins per zone. What can we do? Thanks for your help. :)

First and foremost, it's imperative that you check the SOIL PH and make sure it's 6.5 or higher. This is vital for any grass. If you don't have a healthy, stable medium in which to grow your grass, you don't stand a chance. Read our PH Control article and get a PH METER. Anyone with a yard that's trying to grow grass needs one.

Second, review our article on HOW TO GROW GREEN GRASS. This will explain everything you need to know regarding the secrets to a happy and healthy lawn.

And as you'll see, once you know the PH is adjusted and you have an ample supply of water, getting a good LIQUID FERTILIZER is the first step you can take to fix this problem. You'll need a HOSE END SPRAYER to apply the product too.

Liquid fertilizers do the best job of getting grass to grow and spread – especially when you have a lot of dead spots. Give the turf 30-60 days to fill and consider adding some seed if you're not happy with your results after this initial time period. Remember, when you have the proper PH and Fertilizer, you can add seed any time of year and get positive results.

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